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material  ceramic 
color  green & pure gold 
finish  matte effect 
dimensions H25 W30 D15 cm. 
additions  available in two size and three color variants
An original designed ceramic porcelain vase with modern contemporary decoration: precious piece of art that sits every type of atmosphere.
The three sections alternate between smooth surfaces to triangle decoration, glossy or matte finish. Pure gold turns a special object into something unique. The various fabricated layers and textures make this vase unique. The top most layer is smooth and almost symbolizes the perfect roundness of an egg. The middle layer looks like crushed eggshells adding texture to the vibrancy of the vase. The lower most layer encapsulates the rest of the vase holding it gently as a mother holds her child.
This designed porcelain ceramic vase has a modern contemporary decoration that is perfect to fill with flowers used as a piece of art to illuminate your home environment.